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Varieties of Plants

The services rendered by bureau BrevetMarcService are the following:

-   assistance in elaboration and filing of documents, which are necessary for filing the request for obtaining a patent for the plant variety;

-  preparation and recordation of plant variety assignments, license agreements and other relevant law documents;

- overall tracking of the procedural deadlines;

- administrative and judicial protection of the interests of the holders of intellectual property objects.

1. Requirements for a variety of plant application including the necessary documents.

Information and documents which are necessary by the time of filing of the application:

a) the applicant’s and variety author’s  full name, domicile and address;

b) variety‘s genus and species (botanical taxon), its common and Latin denomination,  temporary and final denomination of the variety;

c) declaration by the author of the variety stating that the variety has not been used in commercial purpose, or listing of the countries and dates if such use took place;

d)  information of the candidate  variety  in respect of its belonging to genetically modified organisms, with an indication of the confirmatory documents in respect of the GMOs, if necessary;

e) technical questionnaire containing the botanical taxon, applicant’s personal data, the proposed denomination of the candidate variety, the origin of varieties, the method of mating, breeding,  reproduction method, the relevant characteristics of the class-candidate in accordance with the table of characteristics developed by UPOV, additional information, which can facilitate the identification of varieties;

f) 4 specimens of photos (if  color is claimed as a significant feature – photos are to be in color);

Information and documents that must be filed within two months following the filing date of the application with the Patent Office:

The Power of Attorney (notarization or legalization is not necessary) (активнаяссылка).The Power of Attorney must indicate the date, place, signature, the applicant’s full name and status of the signing official, and the seal (stamp).

2. The costs (активнаяссылка)

3. The procedure.

The formal examination - 2 months following the filing date.

The preliminary examination – 3 months following the filing date with the consequent publication of the application.

The substantive examination - 6 months following the publication date.

Transmitting of documents for the technical examination – 1 month following the date of notice of the applicant of the results of the substantive examination.

Technical examination – in accordance with international standards for testing varieties, supplemented by norms, specific for pseudoclimatic conditions of each country.

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