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The services rendered by bureau BrevetMarcService are the following:

-   trademark developing (elaboration) and registration with conducting of the identity and similarity search in respect of the designation of interest in case of necessity (on request);

- artistic and design development and registration of the new trademarks;

- preparation and recordation of the trademark  assignments, license agreements and other relevant law documents;

- overall tracking of the procedural deadlines;

- administrative and judicial protection of the interests of the holders of the intellectual property objects.

1. Requirements for a trademark application including the necessary documents.

Information and documents which are necessary by the time of filing of the application:

a) the applicant’s full name, domicile and address ;

b) the reproduction of the trademark (verbal or figurative) indicating colours for which protection is sought* (7 + 1 prints, 80 x 80 mm in size). If protection is sought for a label, it is required to submit 5 labels in colour and 5 black-and-white prints, 80 x 80 mm in size ;

 (in case if the order letter to file the application is sent via e-mail, it is not necessary to send additionally the originals of the images).

c) the list of goods and services for which protection is sought (the goods to be covered by registration are to be classified according to the International Nice Classification);

Information and documents that must be filed within two months of the filing of the application with the Patent Office:

The Power of Attorney (notarization or legalization is not necessary) (активнаяссылка).The Power of Attorney must indicate the date, place, the signature, the applicant’s full name and status of the signing official, and the seal (stamp).

2. The costs (активнаяссылка)

3. The procedure.

The formal examination and issuance of the Decision of publication - 2 months following the filing date.

The opposition term – 3 months following the publication date.

The substantive examination - 6 months following the publication date.

Issuing of the Official Action of Registration – 1 month following the examination.

Granting of the Certificate – 2 months following the date of payment of the official fee. 

4. Duration of the procedure.

The period from filing till the issuance of the Certificate is approximately 14 months unless there are filed/issued any claims, demands, refusals, etc.


*please note that it’s necessary to indicate what particular colours are to be claimed or to provide us with corresponding instructions if the reproduction of trademark is to be filed in black-and-white.

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